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Serving the Lake Highland, Old Lake HIghlands,

and White Rock Community since 1980

Master Instructor garven garcia, 4th dan

Instructor Garcia began taking classes in early 2005 at the behest of his son. Before Recently founding his own company, Garven frequently taught both children's classes and the beginner/intermediate adult classes. Instructor Garcia is known for his intensity, and for his high personal standards.

Senior Instructor James Bryan Smith

Master Instructor Smith began training with Master Autry in 1990, when he was only six years old. Following in the footsteps of his older brother, James was a determined student as a child, and he developed into a dedicated instructor as a young adult. As a junior black belt, James' focus and intensity served as a model for the Junior Leader Program. During college, Instructor Smith taught martial arts for a non-profit foundation, serving underprivileged communities across DFW. In addition to training at DAMA, Instructor Smith has trained in various other martial arts styles, including Aikido, Jiujitsu, Eskrima, and KFM. James is currently an administrator at Dallas County Community College, and a lecturer at University of Texas at Dallas.

master instructor bobby autry

Master Instructor Autry began training in martial arts in 1969 as a teenager. After a decade of dedicated training and teaching, Bobby founded the Dallas Academy of Martial Arts. Instructor Autry has been teaching self defense to both children and adults, and has been developing young leaders in the Lake Highlands/White Rock communities since 1980. His students, and their students, have  gone on to successfully establish highly regarded martial arts schools in Arlington, Fort Worth, Aledo, Will's Point, and San Diego. Instructor Autry and his family have proudly served the local community for over 35 years, shaping multiple generations of students, and guiding families to confidence, fitness, and safety.